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Dust From a Distant Sun

Will Shower Over Everyone

5 May 1974
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I'll tell you about myself, if you're in the mood to listen... ~Neil Finn

This journal started as a place for me to put my fan fiction. You'll find most of it in my memories section if you want to read through it and offer reviews. It's morphed into the me place of randomness.

I am a librarian with a background in foreign language and music. If I'm reading, I am frequently a fan of sci-fi and fantasy. If it's music, my thing is often the bass guitar, which I've been playing in a church praise band since January of 2005. Additionally, I have previous experience in percussion, oboe and voice, all of which I seem to be using lately.

If you want "deep" thoughts, you may have to go elsewhere. It's not that I don't think them because I most definitely do and even occassionaly post about those things. More often than not, though, I can enjoy being happy and shallow and let off steam here. I realize it might not seem at first that there's much here to be interesting behind all that, but I promise you there is.